Analog Electronics (Phgn 215)

Course Development, Low Temperature and Microwave Measurements (Eegn 532)

Senior Design Principles (Phgn 471/472)

2020 - 2021






2019 - 2020


  • Development of a Manual Probe Station for Electrical Transport Measurements on Nanostructured Devices (Avery Plantz, Bennett Steward)
  • Electrochemical Growth of Superconductors (Tara Braden)
  • Correlation between depairing current and vortex creep in superconductors (Sarah Jones)
2018 - 2019


  • Fabrication of SiNx nanostencils for resist-free lithography (Sun Ying, Caleb Hammel)
  • Design and construction of a 4K LHe dipper probe for electrical transport measurements (Jonathan Kim)