⋅ The Eley Quantum Materials Group ⋅

The overarching goal of the Eley Quantum Materials Group is understand the role of disorder on the electronic and magnetic properties of quantum materials and devices.  Specifically, we study vortex-defect interactions in superconductors, skyrmion-defect interactions in magnetic materials, and the effects of a material’s microstructure on energy loss in superconducting circuits.  To achieve these goals, our lab is capable of magnetometry and electrical transport measurements in variable temperatures (down to the millikelvin range) and magnetic fields (up to several tesla).

Leo the dog enjoys visiting our Analog Electronics Lab to show off our oscilloscopes, function generators, and the structural integrity of our lab benches.

Our group currently has access to the Mines Cleanroom for microfabrication.

Dr. Eley with a magnetometer at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, where we collected data from our samples under fields up to 35T in Spring 2019.

Our magnetometer will be arriving Summer 2019 for installation.

Our Analog Electronics course has weekly sessions in the CoorsTek electronics lab so students may gain hands on experience in building and analyzing circuits.